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Established 1996

Welcome to the Cumbria School of Saddlery - Tools website. After twenty-one years running saddlery and leatherwork courses, the courses have stopped and David is concentrating on supplying good quality tools.

Below you will find the list of saddlery and leatherwork tools. Through teaching the craft to groups of people from all over the world, I know which ones you need to have on your bench when you start on that exciting journey into leather! Leatherwork and saddlery are rewarding, captivating and enjoyable crafts. It is possible to make a decent living with hours of practice.

Once begun, however, these crafts can become addictive. That will do you no harm; except you may develop a tendency to argue with yourself, have stained fingers, a bent posture and short sightedness!

The flocking irons, mashers, mini clams, loop sticks and strops are all made by individual craftspeople in the UK.

I know the tools for sale here will suit your purpose and are of good quality. These useful items have been developed and are of a superior design to those usually offered to the trade. Some are completely unique and unobtainable elsewhere. This explains why Cumbria School of Saddlery -Tools has a niche, worldwide market. The Flocking irons and Book of Measurements go to leatherworkers in, e.g., Holland and Australia! Saddle fitters everywhere love the bent flocking irons.

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