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All of these items can be purchased by mail order or are available from our workshop. Please contact us to discuss payment. For purchases from outside the UK please contact us to discuss postage & packing. To pay by Bank Transfer please ask for details.

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The Mini-clams

These useful hand-made items will make stitching running keepers pure joy! They fit into the jaws of the clams and incorporate a spring to enable easy opening. Made in Cumbria!

Price £26.00 plus £3.50 UK postage and packing.

Mini Clams Mini Clams

"I have just received my order of small clams, mini clams and a strop. All arrived in perfect condition as they were well packed. For me, good tools have a certain beauty and these are no exception. I'm sure I'll get many years of good service from them" T.T. Cleveland


The Loop Sticks

A set of eight beautifully crafted sticks made from tapered hardwood to enable you to block those keepers to perfection. Sizes from 3/8ths (10mm) to 1 1/4 (31mm). Made in Cumbria!

Price £26.50 plus £5.00 UK postage and packing.

Loop Sticks Loop Sticks


The Set of Flocking Irons

Superbly made by Cumbrian craftsmen these specially shaped irons are designed for saddle flocking using the unique method taught at the School. In finely-tapered stainless steel, each one of the set of three is finished off with a turned handle and small ferrule to access those awkward places under the panel.

Price £78.50 plus £8.50 UK postage and packing.

Flocking Irons Flocking Irons
"The irons I bought from you are fantastic ..... The iron worked exceptionally well. They are so lovely and light." P.L. Hong Kong


The Masher

This tool, indispensable to the saddle re-flocker, is again hand-turned by a Cumbrian craftsman in an English wood, yew, hawthorn or oak. It fits into the hand and has exactly the right weight for the job.

Price £25.00 plus £5.00 UK postage and packing.

Masher Masher
"The masher is so very nice ..... fits my hand (small fingers). Just what I was hoping for. Thanks again for the tools, they are greatly appreciated and will be well used." L.R. California


The Strop

Made in Cumbria, this strop will help to keep your knives in tip-top shape. Solidly built and covered both sides in leather.

Price £21.00 plus £5.00 UK postage and packing.



"The Saddlery and Leatherwork Measurements Book" by A.D.R.May

A rare collection of measurements of horse and dog requisites I have put together over 34 years. Newly updated and fully revised. Now includes an order of work for most items (100 pages).

Price £27.00 plus £3.50 UK postage and packing.

The Saddlery and Leatherwork Measurements Book Mart Attach
"All went well. I got the parcel today in perfect condition. I have taken a quick glance through the measurement book. A real treasure! I can't wait to get started!" A.L. Sweden
"This is just to say I have received the book Saddlery/Leatherwork measurements and it is just what I was looking for, most interesting. It is a very good book. Many thanks." C.C. Somerset
"I am very satisfied by your book. I use it as a reference and as an inspiration source when doing new leatherworks." L.C. Italy